Exploring Whidbey Island By Bus is Free!

Whether you are visiting from off-island or a resident of “The Rock,” you can take advantage of Island Transit’s free bus service. Yes, you heard correctly, “FREE BUS SERVICE!” You can use any Park & Rides locations, and bus stops to hop aboard to explore all the beautiful viewpoints, tasty eateries, and local shops. It’s …

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Tips for Raising Privacy Savvy Kids

There is no end to the ways scammers will try to steal personal information, and that includes targeting children online. It’s important for the adults in their lives to take proactive steps to stay safe online. Beef Up Your Passwords: The longer, more complex the password, the harder it is to crack! Use special characters, …

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Langley Painter Mary McGinnis Creates Directory Cover Art

Each Fall in late October, Whidbey Telecom produces a new phone book directory. The directory serves as a resource for finding local services, businesses, residents, and community hotlines, all in one easy-to-use print and online resource.  “We enjoy searching for an artist to create the new cover each year,” states Julia Henny, Co-CEO of Whidbey …

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Ready For a New Security System?

Whether home or away, you want to know that your home is secure. Home security systems can be complex, but they don’t have to be. At Whidbey Telecom, we try to keep it simple. With new smart security and home devices being introduced all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the options. Plus, installation can be a big challenge to getting everything …

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Drink in the New Year

From fine wineries to craft breweries and distilleries, Whidbey Island boasts some of the best to quench your thirst in 2021! Remember, when you support local businesses, you are supporting the local economy and community.

Looking for Turkey Takeout?

Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year. With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, many people are choosing to stay closer to home, nixing their travel plans and opting for smaller gatherings in place of large turkey day blowouts. Restaurants across Whidbey Island are handling the 2020 holiday season a little differently, too. While many …

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Keeping it Local: Shop Whidbey on Small Business Saturday

The holidays are officially here and they look a little different with COVID-19 this year. We might be guilty of playing a Christmas tune or two already. We’ve been googling sweet potato recipes, and boxes of decorations are emerging from storage early to brighten up the season. The holidays are a time for dazzling decorations, …

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