FAQs: SmartMail Voicemail

How do I login to the SmartMail Web Interface?

You can now access your SmartMail from the top of any Whidbey Telecom web page by clicking on the “My Voicemail” button. At the Login page, enter your 10-digit voicemail service phone number and password. You can also type the direct link into your address bar: voice.whidbeytel.com.

What is my PIN and why do I need one?

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is your security or passcode used to access your SmartMail service account through either a phone or through the Web Interface. Your PIN must be setup initially from your phone number which is associated with your voicemail service. If you ever need to change your PIN you can do so through either the Web Interface or through a phone. For lost or forgotten PINs, please contact our Customer Service & Support  team. For verification purposes, please be sure to have your identifying personal and account information available when calling.

Can I bypass a PIN to access my SmartMail account?

To maintain a high level of security for your SmartMail account, it is highly recommended that a PIN be required to gain access. Without a PIN, anyone with access to your phone will be able to listen to your voicemail messages as well as assume your SmartMail user identity when sending messages. SmartMail does offer a Skip PIN feature that can be turned off or on either through a phone or through the SmartMail Web Interface.

Dial 360.321.MAIL and enter your PIN. Then press 4 from the Main Menu to enter the Mailbox Settings portion of the SmartMail phone tree, then press 3, then 3 again to hear your current Skip PIN feature status. If you wish to change this setting, please press 1. The system will then advise you of your updated Skip PIN feature status.

To update your Skip PIN status through the SmartMail Web Interface, please click on the “Settings” tab and then the “Messaging” tab. Then please select “Mailbox” to open the “Mailbox Settings” window. Then please click the box next to the “Skip PIN” field to select or to disable this feature and then please click on the “Save Settings” box to save your changes.

How do I get my voicemail messages emailed to me or sent to my smart phone?

After logging into the SmartMail Web Interface click on the  “Settings” tab and then the “Messaging” tab. (For help logging in, see the first question above.) Check the box that reads “Auto-forward all voicemail messages as emails to”. In the text box, enter the email address to which you wish to forward the voicemail message. Then click “Apply”. That’s it!

How do I forward a voicemail message using the Web Interface?

You can forward a SmartMail voicemail message to another SmartMail subscriber or as an email to any email address you choose. Click on the “down” arrow to the far right of the desired voicemail message to make your selection.

How long can my SmartMail voicemail greeting be?

With our Edge Plan your greeting can be up to 2 minutes long. Our Flex Plan offers a greeting up to 1 minute long.

How long can voicemail messages be and how many messages can be saved?

With the Flex Plan you can receive and save up to 21 messages that can be up to 3 minutes long each. The Edge Plan offers you up to 31 messages that can be up to 4 minutes long each. All messages that are older than 30 days will automatically be deleted. You have the option to save voicemail messages longer by forwarding them as an attachment to an e-mail address of your choosing.

Why should I record my name on my SmartMail account?

SmartMail uses your recorded name for certain system-generated announcements. For example, you can select your name announcement to be used as your greeting for callers that are leaving you a message. It is also announced when you leave a message for other SmartMail users. If you do not wish to have any sort of name announcement available, 2 to 3 seconds of recorded silence can be substituted for your name.

Why do messages to which I have already listened remain in my mail box as “New”?

When accessing your voicemail messages through a phone, once you have listened to a message, you must either save or erase  the message. If you hang up before instructing the system on what you would like done with the message, SmartMail will continue to consider the message as New (or at least not completely listened to). While in the message, or at the end of the message, please press 2 to save or press 3 to erase.

If I accidentally delete a voicemail message am I able to restore it?

If you delete a voicemail message through the SmartMail phone tree, please press 6 on your phone number pad to enter into the Erased Messages portion of the phone tree. Please press 1 to repeat erased messages and press 2 to restore the voicemail message that you wish to restore. Voicemail messages that you delete through the SmartMail Web Interface will be permanently deleted.

Can I see my call history and for how long?

The SmartMail Web Interface will maintain the record of a call for up to 60 days and will do so for up to 500 calls! The call record includes the call specifics, such as the phone number and date and time of the call. Once a call record is more than 60 days old (from the date of the call) the record will be automatically deleted.

Can I reply to voicemail messages that have been emailed to me?

Voicemail messages that have been forwarded to an email address directly from the SmartMail system cannot be replied to. Once you’ve received a voicemail message through email you can listen to the message and you can even forward it to another email address as an attachment. If the voicemail message has been emailed to you as an attachment from another active email address, you can reply to that sender’s email.

Can I turn the phone number, date, and time stamp announcement on and off for my incoming voicemail messages?

Yes. With SmartMail you have the option of turning your message header on or off through either a phone or through the SmartMail Web Interface.

Dial 360-321-MAIL to access SmartMail and enter your PIN.  Press 4 to enter the Mailbox Setting phone tree, then please press 2, 3, then 1 to get to the Voicemail Headers section. The system will advise you of the current setting and prompt you on how to make changes. Please press 1 to confirm your change.

If accessing through the SmartMail Web Interface (for help logging in, see the first question on the opposite page), please click on the “Settings” tab and then the “Messaging” tab. Then please select “Mailbox” to open the “Mailbox Settings” window. At the “Voicemail Playback” field, please click on the down arrow to make your selection and then please click on the “Save Settings” box to save your changes.

When I try to play a voicemail message from the web interface, I get a warning message that says “Flash is Not Installed.”

Adobe Flash is required for playing and recording voicemail messages and greetings through the Web Interface. Please visit www.adobe.com to download the Flash plug-in. NOTE: Adobe Flash may not be supported for Apple users.

Emailed voicemails are sent as .wav files and may be played back using most media players, such as Windows Media Player and iTunes.

Is there a minimum browser requirement?

The SmartMail Web Interface is currently compatible with most browsers. However, older versions of certain browsers and some uncommon browsers may not function. If you need further assistance, please contact the Technical Support Team.

Why should I setup a SmartMail Contacts List?

Having a Contact List in SmartMail allows you to enhance many of the SmartMail features. For example, if the person calling you is one of your Contacts, SmartMail will display their name within the voicemail message information, not just their phone number.

How do I setup a contact?

After logging into the SmartMail Web Interface, click on the “Contacts” tab and then click on the “New Contact” button. The right hand side of the page will display the new contact fields, fill them out and then click on the “Save” button.

If my Web Interface account has been locked due to too many failed login attempts, how can I unlock it?

To ensure the security of your account information and service, when necessary, we may temporarily lock the ability to login to your SmartMail account through the Web Interface. If locked out, you can wait one hour and try again. If you find you’re unable to remember the correct PIN to login either through the Web Interface or through the phone associated with the voicemail service, please contact our Customer Service & Support  representatives for assistance. Please be sure to have your identifying personal and account information available when calling for verification purposes.