Whidbey Telecom and Saratoga Orchestra events

Saratoga Orchestra: Percussion on the Rock

July 24, 2024

- July 27, 2024

Saratoga Orchestra: Percussion on the Rock

Location: Downtown Oak Harbor

Percussion on the Rock lets you explore world music without leaving the island. 

The sounds of Ghanaian Gyil (xylophone) and percussion ensemble music will be wafting throughout downtown Oak Harbor as part of this summer’s Percussion on the Rock event hosted by Whidbey’s Saratoga Orchestra. This unique workshop focuses on “World Music with a Twist” and has something for everyone. Coordinated by Whidbey’s Saratoga Orchestra’s percussionists, Erica Montgomery and Brandon Nelson, the workshop takes place July 24-27 at Oak Harbor Methodist Church. Visiting Faculty include Dr. Patrick Roulet, specialist in the Ghanaian Gyil and James Culley of the Cincinnati Percussion Group.

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