Business Voice

Whether you run a retail store, an office or a restaurant, Whidbey Telecom has the perfect communications package for your business needs.

Business Voice Services

We offer flexible and affordable plans that scale with your business. Upgrade your plan with extra services like long distance and voicemail for an additional fee. With local 24/7 support, we’ll keep your communications running smoothly so you can get back down to business. Manage all your business phone services quickly and easily through the Business Group Administration Portal, accessible from either your computer or mobile device.

Business Voice


Long Distance Service

Stay connected to colleagues across the country — or on the other side of the globe.

Our long distance service includes intrastate, interstate and international calling. We offer several options for making long distance calls, so you can choose the option that fits your unique business needs. You can bundle minutes with PureConnect or choose our super-flexible Anytime, Anywhere program.



This bundled-minute plan makes it easy to call anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands for one low rate. Choose up to 5,000 minutes per month. Five percent of PureConnect profits go directly to local charities on Whidbey Island.



Do you use long-distance infrequently on your landline or rely on your mobile phone to place long-distance calls? The Anytime, Anywhere plan is right for you! Pay no monthly fee and only pay for the calls you place.

Digital Voicemail

The future of voicemail is here. With SmartMail, our voicemail service, you can now have your voicemail messages emailed to your computer or your smart phone. You can also control your voicemail account either by telephone or through the Internet. Choose from two packages to fit your needs.



with Basic Digital Voice. Standalone Flex is $15/mo.

When you’re unable to answer the phone, you don’t have to worry. With our Smartmail Flex plan, callers can leave a message for you. Retrieve your messages on your phone, over the internet, or even have them emailed to you.



with Business line

Get all the features of the SmartMail Flex plan plus ten additional voicemail features, up to nine sub-voicemail boxes, custom rules, and voicemail scheduling options.

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