The Lady Washington in Langley

June 7, 2023

- June 18, 2023

The Lady Washington in Langley

Location: 228 Wharf Street, Langley Marina, Langley, WA

Close your eyes. Feel the Pacific Ocean breeze soothing your skin. Bask in the light mist of the waves as they rhythmically rise and fall. Hear the seagulls beckon to each other overhead. Open your eyes and see the magnificent sunrise on the endless horizon. Look around — you’re aboard the majestic Lady Washington.

A trip on the historical sailing ship Lady Washington is a trip like no other and one you get to define. For families, history enthusiasts and those interested in shorter trips, we offer an “Adventure on the High Seas.” You’ll travel back in time and sail as they did on the original Lady Washington in the 1700s and 1800s. You’ll even haul lines, set sails and sing sea shanties while learning about American maritime exploration throughout the years.

Perhaps you’re approaching a special anniversary or milestone or just want to create a blissful new memory with friends. Make it a celebration for the ages with a “Sunset to Remember” cruise. We’ll drift through charming West Coast towns as you and your significant other or treasured friends and family have a relaxing and sensational time out at sea. You can even book live music aboard to create a soundtrack for the evening. Mother Nature will dazzle as the sunset paints the sky and marks an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

For the truly adventurous types, we also occasionally offer one-way transit to another port. Depending on the port, you could be out at sea for a few hours or a few days. However long the journey, you’re ready to seize the adventure, and you’ll have an up-close experience of how the ship is manned. If you so choose, you can even help steer the ship or take part in other duties. All meals are included in this trip category.

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