FAQs: Email

Why does my Webmail look different?

We recently changed our Webmail interface to a more secure and customizable system. This does not affect your account or service plan. The new system allows more customization; for example, you can change your font size and display when composing messages.

If you have any questions or require any assistance with the new interface, please call our 24/7 Tech Support Center at 360-321-TECH(8324).

Is there a size limit on emails I can send and receive?

You can send and receive files up to 28 MB per message. That’s typically more than enough to accommodate large attachments and photos.

How secure is my Whidbey Telecom email account?

Simply put… very! Your messages are kept safe, private and secure using strong encryption algorithms. We do not release email addresses to third-party vendors. We respect the privacy of your email account.

Click here for recommendations on virus and spyware protection for your computer.

Why have I been locked out of my email?

To keep your computer safe from spam and viruses, we employ a rigorous monitoring and filtering system. Our process is to lock down your account at the first sign of trouble, usually following a foreign log-in attempt.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the victim of a phishing or virus attack. If you recently changed your password on one device – your computer, for example – but failed to update the password on your phone, the system will lock down because your device is trying to retrieve email using an invalid password. Remember to go into the settings on all devices and change your password.

I’ve received email from this sender before. Why is it suddenly going to my junk folder?

In an effort to protect your privacy, anti-spam filters have become much more rigorous and several things can set them off. The header or subject line may be corrupted, or there may be no header at all.

To “rescue” an email from the spam folder, you’ll need to add them to your trusted senders list. Go into your “Anti-spam settings” and add the sender to your “Whitelist senders” list. All future emails from this sender will then be allowed through to your inbox.

You can also do this from the Spam Filter Summary email that you receive from us. These emails are generated daily whenever our system has flagged an email as spam.

I get a lot of unsolicited email from businesses. How can I make it stop?

Your best option is to “Unsubscribe” from that mailing list. Scroll down to the bottom of the unwanted email till you see an option or link to “unsubscribe,” then follow the prompts.

You can also increase the sensitivity of your Webmail spam filter. To adjust this, go to Settings, then Anti Spam, then Spam Filter Sensitivity. A lower number filters more spam than a higher number. Be sure to hit “Save” following any changes.

I received an email from Whidbey Telecom saying my account could be compromised and that I need to click a link or I will be locked out of my account. Is this true or is it spam?

This is a phishing scheme; do not click on the link and do not enter your username and password. Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in phishing emails that claim to be from Whidbey Telecom customer support, even going so far as to include our logo. But they are not from us. If we determine your account has been compromised, we lock it down immediately; we will never send you an email threatening action of any kind.

Call us at 360-321-1122 or 360-321-TECH(8324) if you have any doubts or think you may have been a target.

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