Phone Book & Directory Assistance

Whidbey Telecom Local White Page Directory Listings

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Dial 411 – 24/7 Access to Telephone Directories

Dialing 411 from your Whidbey Telecom landline will automatically connect you with Directory Assistance where you can request listings for both local and nation-wide numbers. For Whidbey Telecom residential customers, the first local listing request is free during each billing cycle. Subsequent local listing requests are billed at a per-call rate.

NOTE: Per-call service and/or long distance charges may apply.

Operator-Handled Calls

Operators may assist with certain types of calls. These include:

  • Collect calls – the person or firm you’re calling agrees to pay the charge
  • Third-number-billed calls – you place a call which you want billed to another number (in some cases, third-number billing requests are subject to verification)
  • Person-to-person calls – when you want to talk with a particular person or extension (rates are higher than a station to station call, where you are willing to talk with anyone who answers, even if you agree to talk with an alternate person)
  • Conference calls – when you want to talk with people in different places at the same time (a special charge applies to this type of call)
  • Time and charges – when you want to know the cost for a long distance call upon the call’s completion (you need to request time and charges from the operator before call begins)

There is a surcharge added for calls placed by the operator. Operator-assisted calls are more expensive than direct-dialed calls or calling card calls.