Multi-task, multi-play, multi-manage.

Balance everyone’s needs without skipping a beat with Multi-GiG Fiber Internet.

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*Before taxes and fees. Service available in select areas.

Fiber For All the Feels

The BiG GiG Fiber Network Multi-GiG streaming

Binge Rom Coms without any breakups

Stream your favorite movies and TV shows without lag or buffering, so you never miss a moment of excitement. The only thing you need to worry about is who’s got the remote.

The BiG GiG Fiber Network Multi-GiG office

Your BiG presentation without pixelation.

We’ve all been there. In the middle of a Zoom meeting and your presentation freezes due to a spotty connection. You’ve got BiG business to do. Do it quickly and reliably with Multi-GiG internet.

The BiG GiG Fiber Network Multi-GiG tv

4k live sports without TV timeouts.

Be the real MVP next time you have the crew over for the big game. Access all the shows and games you want at any time, day or night, even during high demand and peak periods.

The BiG GiG Fiber Network Multi-GiG smart home

Smart Home devices for everyone in the home.

Everything is connected to the internet now: clocks, speakers, lights, TVs, doorbells, cameras, vacuums, the list goes on. Keep your smart home running effortlessly with Multi-GiG internet.

Pricing & Packages

All packages include Whidbey WiFi @Home and are backed by Whidbey Telecom’s local 24/7 Tech Support.

What is Multi-GiG Internet?

For all the ways you internet.

The BiG GiG Fiber Network is expanding to more homes on Whidbey Island. With Multi-GiG service offerings now available, plus Whidbey WiFi @Home included, you have a seamless, reliable home internet experience in every corner of your home.

Live your best internet life with the island’s most reliable network. 

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