We get the Point.

Point Roberts packs a lot into five miles. Beautiful beaches, world-class sailing, and the best sunsets this side of the Cascades. A resilient community like ours deserves broadband internet to match. That’s why Whidbey Telecom is improving infrastructure to bring The BiG GiG® Fiber Network to more homes.

Fiber 100/100

1-4 Devices

Ideal for smaller households with light to moderate Internet usage, such as social medial, email, photo sharing, and HD streaming.

Fiber 1000/1000

5+ Devices

Ideal for larger households with heavy Internet usage, such as smart home devices, security cameras, home office, large data uploads and 4K streaming.

Why Whidbey Telecom?

BiG Speeds

With download speeds up to 1000 Mbps, you can enjoy services beyond what you have been able to: streaming TV without buffering, a better work-from-home experience, and more!

Local, Like You

With Whidbey Telecom you have a team of local experts who live right down the street.


You get unlimited data and we don’t throttle your speed. That means consistent, reliable performance even during peak internet usage times. Plus, our lines are 100% buried. It’s windy out there.


The BiG GiG Fiber Network makes better business. It is the only network on the Point with upload speeds as fast as download speeds, so you can share files and collaborate with coworkers online more efficiently. Improve video conferencing, backup large files, and accelerate customer checkouts.


No matter how much bandwidth you have, it won’t make a difference if your WiFi isn’t able to move it through your home to all of your wireless devices. Add HOP Wifi to your internet plan and enjoy seamless wall-to-wall Internet throughout your home—no dead zones. Sign up today!

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