Learning at the Speed of Light: Top 5 Ways Fiber Internet Improves Education

BY Jennifer Wilkins

High speed internet is as important to your child’s education as that #2 pencil. With fiber optic internet, students can download assignments, upload homework, and connect with classmates and instructors around the world. It enables off-site learning, cooperative programs, access to global resources, and multimedia exercises. All of which wouldn’t be possible without fast and reliable internet.

There are countless ways in which fiber internet can help further our children’s education:

The use of media-rich digital learning materials.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Lessons that are supplemented by audio, video, and interactive elements are immersive, relatable, and inspiring—they teach our kids to engage in the world around them far better than any textbook. Without fiber fast broadband, the lag on these tools would be highly disruptive and render the lessons useless.

Promote teamwork and collaboration.

Good ideas come fast. Make sure you’re available to hear them! With school districts using tools like Google Classroom, our kids can communicate with teachers and peers on and off-campus. No longer do you have to struggle to find a time when everyone can meet up—it can be done online, in real time.

Help with homework.

Kids pack a lot of learning into their day. It’s not easy to sit for hours doing homework after school. Fiber fast broadband can help them research and complete assignments in half the time, so you can get back to family game night!

Reduce textbook and supply costs.

Textbooks aren’t cheap. And with new advancements made every day, books become outdated very quickly. By substituting standard equipment with tablets and devices, schools can save a great deal of money. The better the broadband connection, the better those devices perform.

Participate in national and global events.

Imagine there’s a theater production happening in New York, or a space shuttle launch in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Obviously too far for a field trip. With a fiber fast internet connection, you can live-stream that program right into the classroom. It allows students to be a part of the world outside their geographic boundaries.

Fiber optic technology provides our students with the best opportunity for success. When you invest in fiber internet, you’re not just investing in your home. You’re investing in your child’s future.

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