FAQs: Billing & Payments

When is my payment due?

Payment(s) must be received at our office no later than 5:00pm on the Payment Due Date listed on the invoice, or on the preceding business day if this date falls on a weekend or holiday, to avoid late payment charges. Please allow at least 10 business days for your payment to reach us when mailing your payment(s).

Can I make a payment over the telephone?

Yes, you can make credit card and check payments by phone by calling our secure, automated toll free number 833-410-0491. Payments are accepted over the telephone at no charge to our customers.

NOTE: This number is for U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands only, not for international calling.

How do I sign up for eBilling?

Register your account in SmartHub and sign up for eBilling to conveniently view your invoices and manage your monthly payments online. With your SmartHub account, you’ll have the option of establishing recurring payments or making one-time payments, whichever you prefer. Please visit our SmartHub page to setup or access eBilling today.

How do I setup automatic bank deductions?

Authorize monthly transfers from your checking or savings account to pay your Whidbey Telecom account balance. Please visit our SmartHub page to enroll or call Customer Experience for assistance.

Can I make a payment online through my financial institution, instead of SmartHub?

Payments remitted to us through an online bill-pay service may be remitted as a mailed check or transmitted to us electronically. Please verify your financial institution’s bill payment process to ensure your payment will be received at our office no later than the invoice due date to avoid late payment charges.

NOTE: If you use online banking to pay your bill, we encourage you to ensure your financial institution has all the required information. If you have moved recently or made changes to your service, please notify your financial institution.

If I want to mail in a check or payment, where do I send it?

Please include the remittance slip or reference your account number on the front of your check and mail payments to us at:

Whidbey Telecom
PO Box 3547
Seattle WA 98124-3547

How are services billed?

Recurring services are typically billed in advance. One-time charges and charges based on measured usage, such as long distance charges, are billed in arrears. The first invoice you receive after new service has been established will likely include recurring service charges for that month and partial service charges covering the days of service from the time of establishing service to the date of the first invoice. New charges are marked with an “N” and Prorated charges are marked with a “P”.

Where do I find an expected credit amount?

Credits, including payments received and billing adjustments, are marked with a “CR” next to the amount. Payments are reflected on the front page of the invoice in the “Previous Balance” section.

Why doesn’t my payment appear on the invoice?

Payments that are received after the Payment Due Date, or the preceding business day if this date falls on a weekend or holiday, may be received too late to be reflected on the upcoming month’s invoice. Please contact Customer Experience if you have questions regarding your payments.

What should I do if I know my payment will be late?

Please contact Customer Experience at (360) 321-1122 so we can discuss your account status and determine if we are able to establish a payment arrangement that may be helpful to you. Please remember that a late fee will be applied to any balance that remains unpaid by the invoice due date.

What happens if my account becomes delinquent?

Unpaid balances are considered delinquent & late fees will apply. We will attempt to provide you with a notice of pending disconnection if a balance remains unpaid after the invoice due date. Service(s) are subject to interruption if payment is still not received by the extended due date listed on the notice, or if not received by an established promise-to-pay payment date. If service is interrupted, payment must be received at our office on a business day to reconnect service(s) and reconnection charge(s) may apply.

Why did I receive a Past Due Unpaid Balance Notice?

We provide these notices to help prevent interruption of your service(s) in the event of a past due unpaid balance. Please contact one of our Customer Experience representatives if you have any questions about receiving this notice or if you would like to discuss your account balance. Payment for the total amount due listed on the notice must be received at our office by the due date listed on the notice to avoid interruption of service(s).

What do I do if my service is fully disconnected?

If your service has been completely disconnected, please be sure to contact our office during normal business hours to request service reconnection. Upon verification of payment, we will process the reconnection request. Reconnection charge(s) may apply.

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