WireGuard Protection Plan

We’ve got you covered.

With our WireGuard Protection Plan all of your interior wiring for Whidbey Telecom services are protected! WireGuard is available with our Security & Alarm or Voice products. Our HOP WiFi managed service also includes WireGuard.

No costly repairs.

With WireGuard from Whidbey Telecom there is no charge for trips by our technicians to your home for repairs covered under this plan!

Reliability and peace of mind.

We rely on our communication devices to work for us all the time. WireGuard will cover any inside wiring Whidbey Telecom service is riding over. So if you have our High Speed Internet and Voice, any inside wire used to deliver those services will be covered. If you only have our Security & Alarms service, we would cover all inside wiring that service uses. Now that’s peace of mind!

Tech Support is available 24/7.

Our local Tech Support Center is ready to answer your questions any time 24/7. Our professional team will help you with your wiring issues and when needed, will set up an appointment to visit your home for repairs.

Plan coverage and warranty limitations apply. See most current version of Plan Terms and Conditions for more details.

Only $4.95 per month. Call our Customer Experience Team at (360) 321-1122 in South Whidbey and (360) 945-1122 in Point Roberts to start a WireGuard protection plan.

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