Preparing for Disaster: Earthquakes on Whidbey Island

Earthquakes strike suddenly, without warning, and they can occur at any time of the year, day or night. Seismologists agree that it’s not a question of if, but when might our area might experience a significant earthquake. This 30 minute workshop, from South Whidbey Fire Chief Rusty Palmer, explains what the specific dangers are to …

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Master Gardeners at Greenbank Farm

Did you know that the Greenbank Farm is a Master Gardener’s paradise? The Port of Coupeville, in partnership with Washington State University Island County, dedicated a special piece of the farm as an educational space. Developed by the Master Gardener Program, these unique and stunning gardens showcase different aspects of Whidbey Island and Pacific Northwest …

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Curious Islander: Hit the Trails

Immerse yourself in nature and hit the trails with Whidbey Camano Land Trust. Explore Whidbey Island through the public hiking trails. Visit Trillium Community Forest, Admiralty Inlet, Crockett Lake, Dugualla Bay, and Barnum Point County Park.

Curious Islander: Garry Oaks

Have you truly witnessed the beauty of the Garry Oak trees? Learn about Whidbey’s iconic native tree and Oak Harbor’s namesake from the founding members of Oak Harbor Garry Oak Society.

Curious Islander: Whidbey At Night

Host Sarah Boin experiences the natural treasures that follow the night sky. Learn about Whidbey Island’s amazing owl and bat population and visit the local Tiny Blue Observatory.

Curious Islander: Whales

Whidbey Island is known for whale watching. Host Sara Boin talks to the experts about these gentle giants. And keep an eye on the whale cams for a glimpse of these beautiful creatures!

Walk and Talk with Fungi

Forage for local mushrooms right here on Whidbey island. Learn all about these fascinating fungi with ecologist, Ida Gianopulos. Or take a tour with Whidbey Wild Mushroom Tours.

Children & Nature Network

A conversation about the importance of getting our children outside and enjoying nature. And why Whidbey Island is the perfect place to do so.

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