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Managing your home with multiple apps and systems is hard work. Using Alarm.com gives you a smarter alternative: an intuitive, all-in-one system that’s always working to keep you safe and well. Visit WhidbeySecurity.com to learn more.

Video: What A GiG Can Do

These days most homes have 7+ devices connected to the internet. What’s it like in your home? Laptops. Phones. Smart TVs. Amazon Alexa. Gaming consoles. Thermostats. Security cameras. Fiber internet gives you the speed you need to power all your family’s data hungry devices. It could be up to 10 times faster than your current …

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Video: Router Reset

Simple steps for resetting your router. It’s as easy as reaching behind the router, power cycling the router, then waiting 90 secs for your router to fully reboot. Never hesitate to call Whidbey Telecom Customer Technical Support at (360) 321-TECH or email support@whidbey.net.

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