How Do Your Devices Affect Your Internet Speed?

Nowadays it feels like everything connects to the internet in some way—from computers and smartphones to baby monitors and security cameras. All these devices in your home share your bandwidth. Every device on your network decreases your bandwidth a portion, especially over WiFi.  Think of it like traffic on the highway. During rush hour when there’s a lot of traffic, …

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How to Recognize and Avoid Spam and Phishing Emails

Spam email is annoying at best. At worst, it can include scam offers or malicious computer viruses that cost you time and money. The FTC reports a significant increase in email scams and phishing attacks. Cyber criminals are also targeting remote work technologies, such as video conferencing services. A remote worker’s home network is likely …

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Behind the Lines: Get To Know Your Local Support Team

Whidbey Telecom is, and always has been, committed to providing high-quality customer care to the communities we serve. When you contact us, whether by phone or online, you are interacting with your neighbors. Your customer service reps and technical support team live and work in the communities we serve. Technical Support is available 24/7 to …

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Best Tools & Apps for Working from Home

Whether you work remotely for your side hustle or you have decided to do a little social distancing and work from home, technology has to be your friend, not foe. The keys to successful remote working are a good internet connection and the right combination of apps. Share the load. File sharing is critical for …

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Suddenly Homeschooled: Fun & Free Ways to Learn From Home

Many of us have suddenly become homeschooling parents, and that’s frankly quite terrifying! My children have always gone to public school and we’ve always been fortunate to have caring, attentive teachers. And now I realize that the little gifts of appreciation we give them once a year aren’t enough. A $20 coffee card? I should …

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To Our Friends & Neighbors

We are here for you.  Reliable communications are critical during this time, and we understand the importance of staying connected.  We are committed and ready to do our part to help keep our community safe and support our local economy.   As we work together to slow and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Whidbey …

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Friends Serving Friends

We are here for you. We are your friends and neighbors, and we are committed to do all we can to help you during this difficult time due to COVID-19. We are already taking steps to help you adjust to working from home, and having the family home from school as well. This is going …

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How to Work From Home Effectively

Whidbey Telecom blog

Throw in a load of laundry. Chat with colleagues on IM. Get tons of work done with no interruptions. Working from home – or WFH as the out of office message says – can be great. I did it for years and loved it. But I wasn’t sheltering in place because of a virus. I could still …

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Home, Smart Home: A Guide to Smart Home Devices

Your home is getting smarter and smarter. Not just computers and smartphones, but everything seems to be connected to the internet now: clocks, speakers, lights, TVs, doorbells, cameras, vacuums. The list goes on. Nearly everything in your home can be connected to the internet and be remotely controlled with a mobile device.  Smart home devices provide convenience, especially …

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Safety Tips for Snowbirds: Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

We all agree that Whidbey Island is an amazing place to live and work. We also agree that it can get pretty cold and grey in the winter! Sometimes you just want to be someplace warm. Whether you’re “flying south” for the winter, closing up your summer residence, or just planning to be away for a sun break, you’ll want to keep your home …

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Bridging the Divide: Why Rural Broadband is So Important

The internet isn’t all about Twitter and cat videos. It’s about doctors researching new techniques and coordinating records to save lives. It’s about local farmers acquiring national data on crops and supply and demand. It’s about students studying other countries and expanding their knowledge beyond the pages of a textbook. It’s about you reading interesting blog …

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Building a Fiberhood: Lightning Fast Internet to Your Home

You’re doing a lot more with your internet today—social networking, videoconferencing, connecting smart homes, and uploading and downloading pictures and video. Fiber-optic internet provides enough bandwidth to do all these things and more, and at blazing-fast speeds! This need for better connectivity is what drives us to bring fiber-optic internet to homes and businesses throughout …

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