Cutting the Cable: A Guide to Streaming TV

Every day, more and more Americans are “cutting the cable,” choosing to stream their TV content rather than using traditional cable services. In fact, most of us stream to some degree already. Perhaps you have DISH TV, but you also use Netflix. You’re already streaming, and most likely you have everything you need to cut …

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Paying It Forward: Our 2019 Giving Campaign

At Whidbey Telecom, we are passionate about innovation and community. As a local provider, we’re invested in more than just expanding our next-generation broadband network. We’re committed to making a positive difference in our communities. By keeping jobs here, supporting our schools, and donating to community nonprofits, we are investing in our future.  In celebrating community and empowering …

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The Importance of a Landline Phone

Landline Telephone

With so many choices and methods to communicate, we sometimes get asked, “How important it is to keep an active landline phone?” While cutting expenses may be a priority in your household, here are some vital and compelling reasons why keeping your landline is more important than you might think. Buried lines. Our network is …

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