How Fiber Internet Improves Online Learning

Fiber Internet home school online learning

From video chats with teachers to digital textbooks to turning in homework over email, education requires fast, reliable Internet. With the speed and reliability of The BiG GiG Fiber Network, your child can have the best digital and distance learning experience possible.

Fiber Internet and Your Home Theater

The good news for people who live in rural communities like ours — or those who simply prefer the comfort of the couch — is that it’s never been easier to watch movies, shows and musical performances from home. Between online streaming platforms, video subscription services, and a multitude of websites, there is more content to watch than one person could see in a lifetime.

Video: What A GiG Can Do

These days most homes have 7+ devices connected to the internet. What’s it like in your home? Laptops. Phones. Smart TVs. Amazon Alexa. Gaming consoles. Thermostats. Security cameras. Fiber internet gives you the speed you need to power all your family’s data hungry devices. It could be up to 10 times faster than your current …

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